Is Danielle Cohn Pregnant? Probably Not!

Danielle Cohn the star turned YouTuber is baffling all her fans with her Instagram post and stories.

On 11th April she first posted a picture of her boyfriend kissing on a bulged belly. The caption though was just a yellow heart emoji.

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People then started speculating Danielle might be pregnant. Following that, Cohn posted pictures of what seemed to be a gender reveal party and announced it is a girl.

Isn’t that cute? Not really!

Danielle is most possibly fooling around with her followers. And if this actually turns out to be true; Cohn needs to be ready to face some harsh hate coming her way.

Reasons Why Danielle Cohn Might not be Pregnant

First and foremost; Danielle recently revealed that she got married to her boyfriend on 6th of April this year.

Here’s a picture of her wedding day

Now, comparing the dates; Danielle broke the news of her pregnancy 5 days after getting married.

So keeping that in mind; take a look at both the above pictures and focus on the size of the belly. In her wedding day’s picture, Danielle clearly has no visible baby bump.

But in the other one, the bump is quite distinct and it sure doesn’t resonate to the belly one has in the early days of pregnancy.

Furthermore, Danielle is just 15 if we ignore all her age controversies. Therefore, Cohn is in her early teens and is a kid herself.

Which is why; getting pregnant at this age doesn’t even make sense.

What are your thoughts in this whole situation? Do you think Danielle is pregnant or is she pulling a prank? Let us know in the comment section below.

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