Who is Natalie Neiman from Logan Paul’s Vlog? Natalie Neiman Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Profession and More

We are already past April 1st- The April fools day, but the YouTubers aren’t done fooling their subscribers yet.

Click-baiting the viewers with fake titles and thumbnails isn’t a new story and YouTuber Logan Paul knows the drill just right.

Amidst the hype of Logan Paul and KSI’s boxing rematch, Logan used KSI’s name to fool his viewers. On 4th April 2019, Logan uploaded a video titled KSI catfished Me! **Embarrassing where he fools his viewers instead, as the video has nothing do to with KSI.

Rather, in the video, Logan introduces a beautiful girl named Natalie Neiman with whom he appears to be actively flirting. So now the internet wants to know, who Natalie Neiman is.

Who is Natalie Neiman? Quick Facts and Information on Natalie.

Natalie Neiman is an aspiring social media influencer from Canada with over  25k followers on her Instagram.  The number of followers, however, is increasing after Logan mentioned her in his Vlogs.

Date of Birth April 3rd, 1995
Age 24
Country Canada
Address Toronto
Birth Sign  Aries
Ethnicity White
Profession Student
Marital Status Not Married
Boyfriend Not Revealed

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