YouTuber Nicolette Gray’s Videographer, Christian Guiton Will No Longer be Filming for Her: Find out Why!

Nicolette Gray is an aspiring vlogger on YouTube who initially came to people’s attention appearing on Dr. Phil- an American Talk Show. Initially, Nicolette was known as a ‘bratty’ teenager, who used to have a monthly allowance of $5000.

However, over the period of time, Nicolette started garnering fame through her Vlog channel on YouTube. Gray’s content usually is about fashion and beauty. But, she also likes to give her fans an insight into her lavish lifestyle.

Meanwhile, although many of you may know Nicolette from her videos; you might not necessarily know the people involved behind the scenes. People, who put together the perfect videos that Nicolette’s fans are looking forward to.

One of such names is Christian Guiton! Christian was Nicollette’s videographer, producer, and also a creative head.

He first contacted Gray on Instagram pitching an idea of making a “reality show style YouTube Channel. Nicolette and her mom Nina were sold out with the idea and hence; they started working together.

Why is Christian Guiton not Filming for Nicolette Gray Anymore?

Hold on! You might have already thought of a dramatic reason but it isn’t that way. Christian Guiton isn’t parting ways with Nicolette in a bad term. Christian uploaded a video titled “why I stopped filming for Nicolette Gray,” where he did the explaining.

Christian expressed that there was a time when he was filming, editing, and uploading the videos all by himself. And since he was taking charge of everything, Nicolette didn’t have a chance to make that channel her own; which Christian felt bad about.


Also, as Christian came from working on Television, he wants to make his career there and not on YouTube. Thus, he finally took the decision for his and Nicolette’s good.

Moreover, by the time he was filming his explanation video, he got hit-up by a very big TV show and they want Christian to work for them.

But in the midst of Christian deciding to pull-out from working on Nicolette’s videos; there still is good news. Christian shared that he will definitely be a part of Nicolette’s videos in the future. He still wants to produce contents for her and that is amazing.

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