AGT The Champions Winner: Shin Lim Defeats Darci Lynne Farmer to Take Home the Trophy

Shin Lim’s Magic did the trick!

AGT: The Champions proudly announced its winner today and sleight-of-hand artist Shin Lim is as ecstatic as he can be.

In a cut-throat competition between the 50 greatest performers from around the Globe, Shin Lim and his magic remained far from being unnoticed.

Although all the performers were a strong contender to win the game Shin was clearly the favorite from the starting of the show.

Shin also had an advantage coming to America’s Got Talent: The Champions, as he had the winning momentum going on for him.

Being the winner of AGT 2018 definitely must have boosted his confidence a little bit more and here he is defending the title.

Congratulations Shin Lim!

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