Shane Dawson Responded To Chuck E. Cheese After Chuck E. Cheese Issued An Statement And Then He Deleted It.

Earlier this week, Shane Dawson released an episode of his conspiracy theory series which said that Chuck E Cheese might be sharing leftover pizzas. The video got many people hooked and many were quick to ask questions to Chuck E Cheese whether any of it was true.

Chuck E Cheese later came out with a statement after Shane Dawson’s viral conspiracy theory video regarding their pizza and slammed him for making a false conspiracy. They commented on many of the Twitter users’ posts saying that they served fresh and delicious pizzas.

But now even Shane Dawson has replied to Chuck E Cheese who issued a statement on Shane Dawson’s video of leftover pizza conspiracy theory.

Replying to Chuck E Cheese he simply wrote on tweeter:

“imagine if chuck e. cheese just leaned into this whole thing and was like “come try our pizza for yourself and see what happens 😏”. I think we all would respect that hussle hahaha”.

The tweet now cannot be seen anywhere on Shane’s tweeter handle. We guess Shane deleted the tweet later. It is not known why the tweet was later removed from the web but we wish Shane Dawson shares the reason with his fans.

There are also talks about Chuck E. Cheese suing Shane Dawson for polluting their brand name. But as of now, no legal actions have been taken by Chuck E. Cheese on Shane Dawson but you never know what plans are made regarding the matter. Considering the amount of damage Shane Dawson’s leftover pizza conspiracy theory video has done to Chuck E. Cheese, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Shane being dragged to court.

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