YouTuber James Charles Feels Annoyed and Unsafe after Fans Showed up at His House

One may envy the limelight and stardom that a celebrity enjoys, but, not when you come to know about their daily life struggles.

From being pictured everywhere without permission to worrying about being called rude by the fans if they don’t stop by for a selfie; the private life of the famous people out there isn’t fascinating at all.

YouTubers, in this case, are the prime example as they are the most likely ones facing such intrusions lately. With almost every detail of their day to day life posted on social media for their millions of fans to see, things tend to get out of hand at times.

James Charles one of the biggest names in the YouTube community also happened to come across a similar problem and he is upset! James took to Twitter on 16th December to express how he feels disrespected and unsafe in his own home,

James, who has 11 million subscribers on YouTube just at the age of 19, went on to tweet the next day where he said; he was still annoyed as he couldn’t focus on his work.

In the past, many other social media influencers including Jake Paul and Logan Paul have also faced similar scenarios. They then requested their fans to respect their personal space, but as we all know there is all kind of fans!

And although it might appear to be a cute gesture on the fans part to go visit their idol at their home, invading someone’s privacy accounts to a crime.

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