Forever 21 Deletes Photos After Being Back-lashed For Using White Model To Sell ‘Wakanda Forever’ Sweaters

Forever 21 is facing a lot of wrath for using a white model to sell ‘Black Panther’ inspired Wakanda Forever sweaters. Amidst the controversy and the backlash from many, the clothing brand deleted the photos of the white model posing in the ‘Wakanda Forever’ sweaters.

The online clothing company, Forever 21 had tweeted a photo with a link to buy the ‘Wakanda Forever’ sweaters, a reference to this year’s biggest hits, Black Panther only to have landed in controversy.

Not much later after the tweet, many users and the Black Panther fans showed their displeasure after they found it to be a white model posing in the sweater.

The displeasure was made known widely on the platform because of the fact that it wasn’t the person of whose color the movie celebrated and subsequently making the company delete the tweet.

Black Panther is the first superhero movie that celebrates the man from African descent and it seemed to be altered because of the picture.

“Forever 21 knows exactly what they’re doing with that ghost in the shell man in the african kitty sweater and here ya’ll go given them the attention they want”, another tweeter user tweeted calling it a publicity stunt.

The film, Black Panther depicts the African culture as well as celebrates the blackness.

“They got a super pale, blonde, blue-eyed model in a Wakanda Forever sweater… I wanna speak to your advertising department, @Forever21. Someone approved this and thought this was going to work”, said another furious Black Panther fan.

There were twitter users who even questioned the backlash and asked why can’t white models be used.

Forever 21, now has deleted the photo of the white model posing in the sweater and photos of the sweater without any model is available on the site.

Forever 21 is yet to respond on this matter as of now.

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