Jerry Seinfeld Defends Kevin Hart In The Oscars Host Controversy

Kevin Hart was announced as the host for the Academy Awards 2019 and it was only a matter of days when the comedian stepped down as the host amidst controversy over about a decade old homophobic tweets.

There was a widespread outrage on the twitter and other social media platforms over the tweets and subsequently, when Academy Awards asked Hart to issue an apology, he passed on the apology and decided to step down as the Oscars host.

A few days later after the news of Kevin Hart stepping down as the Oscars host broke out, Jerry Seinfeld has come out publicly in support of Hart.  Jerry Seinfeld, the veteran comedian came out in open in support of his fellow comedian Hart by softly slamming the Academy Awards.

In an interview with Sunday Today, Seinfeld asked, ” Who got screwed in that deal?”

Seinfeld said, “Kevin is in a position, because he is a brilliant comedian, to kind of decide what he wants to do. He doesn’t have to step down.”

Seinfeld further added, “And when you look at the situation—well, who got screwed in that deal?”

“I think Kevin is going to be fine, but find another Kevin Hart? That’s not so easy. He’s a brilliant guy with a movie career,” Seinfeld continued.

Seinfeld carefully chose words to come into the defense of Kevin Hart by not addressing the controversy surrounding the tweets. Despite his making points without taking the tweets into account, his words definitely have weight.


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