Who is the glamorous model Emily Sears 2019?

Emily Sears is an Australian model who is currently based in Los Angeles. She is one of the most sought-after models who has appeared on the covers of several top end fashion magazines. We bring you 30 facts you need to know about the super-hot Emily Sears.

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Quick Facts and Information on Emily Sears

Birth Day 10th November 1985
Age 34 Years
Birth Sign Scorpio
Current Country United States
Profession Model
Marital Status Not married
Boyfriend Nick Dane (rumored)
Gay/Lesbian Straight
Nationality Australian
Height 5 ft 8 inch (1.73 m)
Net Worth 1.2 million
Children/Kids No
Brother Ben Sears
Mother Bronwyn Sears
Body Measurement 36-24-35

What is Emily Sears Age?

Emily Sears was born on 10th November 1985 which makes her age 34 years as of now. Emily is currently enjoying her thirties and is glad that her twenties are done and dusted.

Emily Sears Birthday
Emily Sears Birthday

Where was Emily Sears born?

Emily Sears was born in Melbourne, Australia which is a whopping 12,766 km i.e. 7932 miles apart from her current location in Los Angeles.

She has tweeted about New Zealand being better than Australia which might not have sat well with the Aussies.


Emily Sears Mother

Both Emily Sears’s parents were art publishers which encouraged her to pursue a career in art and modeling. Emily grew up with a love of photography & was involved in the publishing of art which focused mainly on women, since a young age.

Emily Sears Mother
Emily Sears Mother

She is very close to her mother Mrs. Bronwyn Sears Mother who celebrates her birthday on 26th July every year. In one of her mother’s birthdays Emily Sears dedicated a post to her mother in which she wrote:

“Happy Birthday to my Mama! 🎉
It’s impossible for me to ever express how much I appreciate that you are my mother. You are the source of every cell of goodness found within me. Each seed of empathy, compassion, unconditional love, acceptance, strength, fairness and kindness; not only inherited from you, but taught, nurtured and grown in me by you my whole life. I have no greater supporter and no bigger inspiration. I love you so much! “


Emily Sears Father

Emily Sears’s father recently suffered from Prostate cancer. Prior to him suffering from cancer the father and daughter did not have a very intimate relationship. Though they were close during Emily’s childhood days they drifted apart as she grew older. His cancer brought them back together.

She has stated that her father being an art publisher helped her very much as a model as she learned to pay attention to details in her pictures.

Emily Sears Father
Emily Sears Father


The story of how her parents met is actually quite interesting. Her father played guitar in a band and her mother was then dating the drummer of the band. That is how her parents met for the first time and they soon fell in love and got married.

Emily Sears Brother

Emily Sears has an older brother whose name is Ben Sears who celebrates his birthday on 31st May. She is the youngest of the three siblings which also includes her sister. Her brother Ben Sears started out as a pastry chef and now is part of Paperbird Restaurant in Potts, Sydney which was ranked as the 43rd best restaurant in Australia only after completing its first year of operation.

Emily Sears Brother
Emily Sears Brother

Ben used to get really bad asthma attacks when they had bushfires as a child.

Emily Sears Great Aunt:

Her great aunt, Wendy Martin was the 1956 Australian Model of the Year. Wendy Martin and Emily’s Grandma Pamela grew up in a country town in Victoria called Warracknabeal. When they were children, Wendy fell into the local creek and Emily Sears’s Grandma, a tomboy, and a strong swimmer jumped in to save her.

Emily Sears Great Aunt

Emily Sears Great Aunt

Wendy grew up to be discovered by Helmut Newton on Collins Street, Melbourne and became 1956 Australian model of the year. She moved to Los Angeles and lived here for over 40 years before she passed.
Emily’s Grandma raised 4 daughters, one of which was Emily’s mother Bronwyn who became a successful art publisher alongside her husband and raised her brother and sister and her surrounded by art, and artists.

What is Emily Sears Academic Qualification?

Emily Sears was raised in Melbourne and spent her teenage year over there. She completed her high school in Melbourne itself.

Emily had an artistic side since her school days. Take a look at a vase which she made and presented to her mom when she was in fifth grade.

Emily Sears 5th Grade

Emily Sears 5th GradeShe had an interesting story from her childhood in which her Grade 1 teacher Mrs. Cline and who was a sweet elderly lady was picked on by the kids as she was frail and had a hard time controlling the class. Emily, apparently stood up in front of her class and screamed at the students and came to her teacher’s defense and told the class that she was her favorite teacher and to leave her alone.

Emily Sears Body Measurements:

This one is for all the guys and girls who are in awe of Emily Sear’s mind-blowing body. She stands 173 cm tall and weighs around 128 pounds. Her body measurement is 36-24-35 inches.

Who is Emily Sears boyfriend?

Emily Sears has so far managed to keep her personal life private. She was once rumored to be dating famous Australian Leg Spinner, Shane Warne.

The two were first spotted in a restaurant in Los Angeles, where they had dinner together and then some major newspaper started reporting that Emily Sears and Shane Warne were a thing.

However, the glamorous model has slammed rumors about their relationship.

The 33-year-old told online trolls to ‘grow up’ when they probed her about her private life. Emily did a Q&A session with her fans in which is bared out everything about her rumored relationship with Australian heartthrob Shane Warne.

‘I usually ignore the 55,000 cricket questions I get every time I do this but I’ve got the time tonight,’ Emily said after she was asked if she was asked who her favorite cricketer was (hoping that the answer would be Shane Warne).

‘Crazy how a couple of photos can make the entire world assume s**t for literally years to come. Boring!’

One user then asked: ‘People probably ask cricket stuff cos (sic) you slept with Warnie?’

‘No I didn’t but ok. Grow up.’ Replied Emily

When  another fan wrote ‘Did you date Shane Warne?’ Emily could not take it anymore and simply wrote ‘stop’.

Emily says to "Stop" when asked about Shane Warne
Emily says to “Stop” when asked about Shane Warne

Recently Emily posted a picture with which has the rumor mill running once again. She posted a picture with Nick Dane which has got her followers assuming that Emily Sears is dating Nick Dane who Emily has described as

 “You have got that James Dean daydream look in your eyes”

What was Emily Sears First Work?

Emily Sears started her career with Harlem Productions Australia. She had a dream start to her career as her first ever photoshoot was sold to not one but two bikini magazine covers.

11. When did Emily Sears move to the United States?

Emily Sears moved to the Land of dreams – the United States at the age of 26 which really took off her career and brought her to new heights.

Emily Sears Notable works:

Emily Sears has appeared on the covers of more than 20 popular fashion and adult magazines which includes Maxim, GQ, FHM, Ralph. Zoo Weekly, M!, etc.

Emily Sears Maxim Cover
Emily Sears Maxim Cover


Emily Sears Calendar

Her first ever Emily Sears 14 month Calendar was published in 2017. Her second Emily Sears 14 month Calendar was published in 2018 also which could be bought from emilysears.store.

10 % of all the proceeds were given to homelight.

Emily gave a gratitude message to everyone who bought her calendar.

“I want to say thank you to everyone who has purchased my 2018 calendar- on your behalf I was able to make a donation to the mid night mission and their home light family program. The midnight mission does wonderful work here in Los Angeles with outreach, services and support for the homeless community, and their HomeLight program provides housing and therapy that helps women and their families get back on their feet.
The Midnight Mission’s HomeLight Program helps homeless families to reunify, rebuild and restore their lives. Help break the cycle of abuse and poverty “


What brands does Emily Sears represent?

Emily Sears has been the face of top brands like Esquire Magazine, Two in the Shirt,  Ciroc, Monster Energy among many others. She also has worked as a spokesmodel in events organized by international brands such as Kuhmo Tires, Comfort Revolution and others.

Now she also uses Social Media platform to advertise various products. Her recent post on 24th May was about joint mobility supplement which she beautifully describes in the caption.

View this post on Instagram

Feeling grateful for my @1stphorm #phamily today😇 . Being friends with @caseylovesfitness and being able to catch up and chat about life after a workout is so much more than just fitness. . Being connected to a network of people who are committed to working on themselves and lifting up others along the way has given me so much support and perspective in my life that I can genuinely say has directly impacted my life for the better. . I’ve made better decisions with work, health, life and relationships since becoming a part of this team. (I’ve even gone into business with two of my #1stphorm babes @miss_tina_louise and @lindseypelas ) . I love having this community of strong, focused supportive and positive, action based people in my life. . I can’t remember exactly what made @caseylovesfitness laugh in this pic but it was probably a joke about how much I love the #jointmobility supplement because I feel like an old grandma sometimes cause my knees are pretty f*ked from modeling for over 10 years now. Not bad for an old duck hey? 😜 . #iam1stphorm #duespaid #womensupportingwomen #pham #legionofboom #life #friends #laughter #fit

A post shared by Emily Sears (@emilysears) on

Emily Sears Music Videos

Emily Sears has appeared in several music videos. Some of her major performances are on Kanye West’s I Won, rapper G-Eazy’s You Got Me and Wiz Khalifa’s Part Girls 


Emily Sears Controversy

In 2016, Emily Sears embroiled herself in controversy when she sent explicit photos sent to her by men to the mothers, wives, partners or girlfriends of those men.

Emily Sears sends controversial DMs to senders partners
Emily Sears sends controversial DMs to senders partners

Sears revealed that she received at least one or two d**k pics per day.

“We send the photos as a reminder for them to have respect for women, I think it provides accountability that people seem to lose online; being behind a screen gives people a false sense of anonymity. I get messages from men who say we’re ‘sluts who are asking for it’, which can get pretty overwhelming,” she further added. “But I truly believe it’s a huge social problem reflecting the attitude many men have towards women and I want to keep trying to fight against it,” Sears said to BuzzFeed News .”


Emily Sears Sexual Preference

Sears has said that the craziest place she ever had sex was in the car. To all the guys out there we bring you the things that she prefers in her man. If you are these things, then you may stand a chance with this Australian Beauty but don’t start the conversation by sending your d**k pics.

Emily Sears finds men with nice shoulders and a nice smile physically attractive. How a man carries himself is very important to her. For her sex is all about the emotional connection which is really important to take it to the next level. She has said that the best thing that she could get in bed was an orgasm.

“I really love when men wear those light knit long sleeve thermal tees, with the buttons at the collar. And V-neck tees. The best garment a man can wear is grey sweatpants.” She says in her interview with Maxim.


Emily Sears verified Social Media

Emily Sears has a monstrous presence in the social media platform.

Instagram 4.7 million followers
Twitter 311 K followers

She has a private Snapchat account which you can join to get access to exclusive pictures of her.

However, the Australian beauty has not had only sunny days in her social media platforms. She feels it is quite emotionally scarring to have one’s body picked apart and ridiculed in social media platforms. “People have a hard time separating an image from the reality of who a person is.”

Emily Sears has said that she got countless derogatory messages from strangers or at least minimum 100 slurs per week which affected her inner wellbeing at some level.

In an interview given to Hard Wood & Bollywood, she raised a number of issues surrounding online bullying and the use of social media. When she was asked if she thought that social media was responsible for widespread online abuse, harassment, and bullying, she responded emphatically with the following answer:

“I think this speaks to a bigger issue of disconnect in society. It’s indicative of the state of our culture. People love to blame social media and reality TV, but there is a disconnect in homes, there is a lack of resources for youth, there is a lack of consideration and empathy towards people suffering from prescription addictions, from homelessness, from PTSD, from domestic violence, from systematic racism.” Emily said

She further added: “These things are all entangled and interweaved. If you find disturbing things expressed on social media, I think it’s unfair to blame social media. This is what’s going on. Black lives matter, bullying, and harassment are real, eating disorders are real. Shaming, victim blaming and rape culture is real.” 

What does she love about modeling?

Emily Sears has time and again stated that the thing she loves the most about her profession is the freedom of being able to work from anywhere, thanks to the presence of her phone

Emily Sears friends

Emily Sears is a friendly person who has been seen many times in the company of her friends. She has stated that she loves catching up with her friends whenever possible.

Emily Sears Tattoos

Emily Sears has inked a girl tattoo on her left wrist and a heart with flowers blossoming out of it on the right side of her lower butt.

Emily Sears a Feminist

The Australian bombshell considers herself a feminist and her Instagram bio which reads “A feminist in underpants” suggests the same.



Emily Sears feminist in underpants
Emily Sears feminist in underpants

Her constant tirade against men led people to believe that she actually hated men. However, she had a pretty amazing reply to all those people who accused her of hating men.

Emily Sears husband
Emily Sears husband

What is Emily Sears Net worth?

Emily Sears is estimated to have a net worth of 1.2 million dollars thanks to her modeling gigs, brand endorsements, social media marketing, private snap chat and poster sales in her website. It is not clear how much she charges for a post on Instagram but every selfie she clicks and posts are making her richer by the minute.

Emily Sears on Gun Control

In 1996 her mother took Emily and her bigger brother to the city to protest for gun control after the Port Arthur incident in Australia. She has claimed that her mother taught her to be an activist. She along with her mother is really scared about gun violence in America and her mother frequently asks Emily Sears to move back to Australia because of this.

Emily Sears Gun Control
Emily Sears Gun Control

Emily Sears Uterus Surgery

Emily Sears had surgery on her uterus on February 2019 which had a long recovery process. The details about the surgery are not available at the moment but we will update you in case we find something.

Emily Sears Kids

Emily Sears currently does not have any kids but she has not ruled out having kids in the future.

Things Emily Sears Hates

  • The camera on her Iphone
  • Facetime
  • The word “Opinion”
  • Internet
  • The Word “Intention”
  • Forms
  • Running Late
  • The Word “Inspiring”
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Iphone ringtone

Emily Sears on Michael Jackson

Emily Sears is a hardcore Michael Jackson fan and she feels sorry for younger kids now as they grow up without listening to the pop king.

Emily Sears Michael Jackson
Emily Sears Michael Jackson

Emily Sears Ancestors

Her ancestors on her father’s side came as convicts, the man for counterfeiting money and the woman was sentenced to death for stealing a 10-pound note in 1830 but however, was granted a conditional pardon – free but could not return to England.

Was Emily Sears Raped?

Emily Sears has claimed that a man followed her onto the train at Auburn Station in Melbourne and tried to rape her when she was just 16 years old.

Emily Sears nearly raped
Emily Sears nearly raped


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