Are Zane Hijazi and StassieBaby Dating?

First Zane and Gabbi Hanna, then Zane and Natalie & now Zane and Stassiebaby; seems like Zane Hijazi is quite good at stirring his own dating rumors. Also, considering how his fans get along the rumors; it proves that they desperately want to see him get hitched.

But unlike the good old times, is Zane finally over pranking his fans with all the dating speculations? Seems so!

The last time people checked, Zane, and David Dobrik’s assistant Natalie, were being shipped hard. Both their fans even had a shipping name for them; ‘Zatalie.’

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#Zatalie we Stan

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However, crushing the hearts of all the Zatalie shippers, Zane recently dropped a bombshell on his Instagram. Some people, meanwhile, are still figuring a way to get out of the shock they got from Zane’s post.

Well, Zane Hijazi, the very prominent member of the Volg Squad, posted a picture of him kissing Stassiebaby aka Anastasia Karanikolaou. Hizaji captioned the post in a cryptic way, writing,

The moment you put that PLUR bracelet on me, I knew you were the one. You’re my world. Marry me Stassiebaby

People then went haywire with their reaction on Zane’s post including the queen of click baits herself, Tana Mongeau.

Tana, who is now possibly dating Jake Paul for the YouTube videos commented,

i. can’t. handle. this. i don’t know what to do with my fu****g hands… idc if it’s real or not i’m gonna pretend it is HOLY SH*T

Stassie, on the other hand, just replied with a See-No-Evil monkey emoji 🙈. Now, since nothing is confirmed here, it still is difficult to confirm if Zane and Stassie are dating for real.

We all have at some point of time witnessed Zane, kiss random girls for David’s vlog. So, maybe this was just another kiss, or maybe not?

As of now, all we can do is wait until the Vlog Squad members confirm their relationship in either one of their vlogs!

Until then let us be optimistic and believe that these two are dating as they definitely make a perfect pair!

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