Why Did Jeff Wittek Break up With Cierra Ramirez? Who is Jeff Dating Now?

Relationships are hard to manage; especially for people who are on their daily grind to build a career.

We have often witnessed couples parting ways to focus on their respective career or in fact to grow as an individual. David Dobrik and Liza Koshy are a prime example of this situation.

Sharing more or less the similar scenario is David Dobrik’s friend Jeff Wittek.

Jeff Wittek’s Ex-girlfriend Cierra Ramirez

Most of you are well aware of Jeff’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend, singer, actor, Cierra Ramirez. Jeff, who could also be called one of the best looking members of Vlog squad, started dating Cierra back in January of 2015. The two met at a club and decided to take things further.

Other than a noticeable height difference both Jeff and Cierra never seemed to have any other differences for as long as their relationship lasted. Wittek was comparatively less popular when he met Cierra but together they managed to amass a huge fan following.

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Jeff and Cierra made a very cute couple and they stayed in a relationship for over 3 years. However, as we all know, not every love story has a happy ending; so did theirs.

At the time, both Jeff and Cierra were in a place where focusing on their career was their primary priority. Each one of them was working hard; especially, Cierra, who used to have 15 hours working shift for her acting project.

They could barely get to spend time together, and whenever they met it was mostly for the brand deals. Eventually, it started to make them realize that their relationship was slowly falling apart because of that. Which is the reason why; Jeff and his girlfriend Cierra then amicably decided to go separate ways.

Jeff talked about his break-up in one of Todd’s youtube video,

Who is Jeff Wittek Dating Now?

Since we now know why Jeff broke up with his girlfriend in the first place; it means he is busy focusing on his career.

Also, there hasn’t been any revelation made by Jeff regarding his current relationship status. Neither is he spotted with a possible girlfriend in public nor has he introduced us to one. Therefore, Jeff Wittek might be single despite James Charles trying to hit on him.

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