James Charles and Tati Westbrook Drama Update: The Tables Have Turned!

To what was supposed to be the end of James Charles career is now taking turns; a massive one indeed. Well, after all the drama that took place last week, James came back with a reply in a 41-minute long video titled No More Lies.

James pulled in all the receipts that were needed to clarify the accusations thrown at him and we must say he did a pretty good job. While most of the people thought, James might have been crying all day at his home since he started losing millions of subscribers; but it seems like Sister James was doing his homework all week long!

Let’s break everything down to make the situation a lot clearer.

James first receipt was to prove the fact that he texted Tati to give her the closure on the whole SugarBearHair situation before he uploaded the sponsorship video. Now, we all know Tati was hurt the most by this fact and said in her video that James reached out to her only after the video was out. This whole thing has now been proven wrong until there is some Photoshop involved in the screenshots that James provided.

James’ Texts to Tati regarding the SugarBearHair situation

Secondly, James talks about Tati’s birthday dinner situation in Seattle; where she alleged James of talking inappropriately in front of her friends and family. Also, she accused James of going after the straight guy, Sam, the waiter.

Well, to the response James said that he didn’t at all talk inappropriately in the dinner table and that the guy he was interested in; was not straight. The latter part has already been proven prior to this video as Sam himself made a video on the situation clarifying that whatever happened between James and him was consensual. Furthermore, Sam has now clarified that he is bisexual.


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