Is Jackson Avery Dead?

The season finale of the 15th season of Grey’s Anatomy went wild. The show brought its viewers to the edge of their seats and left them with a massive cliffhanger.

First, they highlighted the relationship of Jackson Avery and Maggie Pierce as the characters started to see flaws in their relationship while on their camping trip. But an eventual twist was created towards the end; that could possibly end their relationship with a heartbreak.

Every one of you’ll agree how Season 15 made the couple go through the roller coaster of emotion. But these two went through all that to later find out that Jackson leaves Maggie Pierce to attend to a multi-car pile-up. As Jackson enters the fog and fails to return; his fate is left unclear in the show.

Amidst all the chaos, showrunner Krista Vernoff has admitted that it was an intentional move on their part to keep the viewers curious in between seasons. Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Krista shared,

“It was a creative decision, It was a cliffhanger. I want people to come back [in the fall] and talk all summer and wonder what happens to him. We have not mapped it out. The writers come back June 3, I’m on vacation for two weeks and then we’ll hit it. What I love about act six of our finale is we gave ourselves so much to play with for next season on all the storylines.”

It sure proved out to be a smart move, since people are already questioning if Jackson Avery is dead.

People’s Reaction to What Possible Might be Jackson’s Death

Twitter is flooded with the tweets that have to do with the dramatic ending of the season finale. A user wrote,

If something bad happened to Jackson Avery I AM DONE. I’m not kidding this time. I gave you guys the courtesy of watching S15, after you fired Sarah. But if something happened to Jackson, I AM DONE WITH GREYS.

Another curious viewer of the show tweeted,

if someone doesn’t tell me where Jackson Avery is right now i’m gonna join jo on the psych floor

Jackson clearly is a fan’s favorite and we hope the show keeps him alive. But in case if they don’t hear @CaitoGrace says she will throw her TV out of the window,

This clearly won’t be good for Grey’s Anatomy, as they sure don’t want to lose their viewers! So, let’s stay positive until the next season airs and hope Jackson will make it out alive!

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