Tyreke Evans Wife: Is the NBA Player Married to His Girlfriend?

Indiana Pacers’ shooting guard, Tyreke Evans is in serious trouble after violating anti-drug program and will possibly be out of the league for some seasons.

But, although he has hit the road-block in his career now, is Tyreke’s love life at a better place comparatively? Or, is he losing all the way round?

Well, it seems as if Tyreke is running out of luck unfortunately as his love life isn’t any jovial either. The 29-year-old NBA player seemingly is failing to find a stable relationship.

Tyreke Evans and Angel Brinks

Tyreke dated fashion designer Angel Bricks back in 2014 and 2015. It was also the time when his then-girlfriend Angel debuted on the show Basketball Wives: LA, which gave her exposure to a greater audience.

Even though Angel faced a lot of controversial situations at the start since people sl*t shammed her for her past and called her a gold-digger; she managed to build a great career out of it.

Not just that, Angel was very much in love with Tyreke and even believed that he was the man for her. Their relationship started to flourish eventually, and in no time they welcomed their daughter Amani into their lives.

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But their relationship was short-lived. Tyreke and his girlfriend Angel dealt with many relationship issues including infidelity. Unfortunately, their whole and relationship crumbled down; leading them to part ways for good.

Meanwhile, even though the pair have separated, they still are co-parenting their daughter Amani who is 5 years old.

Quick update: Angel is currently dating the Bodied actor Jackie Long.

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But Does Tyreke Evans Have a Wife Now?

It has been a few years since Tyreke and Angel went separate ways. So, has Tyreke found a fortune cookie now? We don’t think he has!

For somebody with a resume that has ‘Infidelity Issues’ written all over it; Tyreke is still to find a stable relationship, let alone getting married.

So, he might be enjoying his single life, dating different ladies as he wishes. But for now, Tyreke doesn’t seem to have a serious relationship.

Well, now since he won’t be playing in the NBA for at least two years, maybe he might have some time to spare for a healthy relationship.

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