Is David Dobrik Married? For Real?

Oh well, if you are reading this and didn’t see this coming, let us tell you; chances are David, himself, didn’t see it either!

We are still in awe to report this story of how David Dobrik married his friend Jason’s mother; just to become his stepdad. That’s is a whole different level of being petty we tell you!

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But, all the pettiness aside, did David marry Jason’s mom for real? Well, David did mention in his vlog that he legally got married.

However, you shouldn’t always believe what you hear or, in this case, see! You all know, people do all kind of stuff to create some iconic content like this.

Also, David wouldn’t marry, for real, without his best friend, Jason, being invited to the ceremony! Or, would he? Just kidding guys!

Furthermore, you all have witnessed how David keeps flirting with his assistant Natalie, to keep his fans talking about them. It sure is just another way for him to stir up some curiosity in all your mind.

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So, for now, just enjoy the fact that David gets to call a man double his age, his son! Moreover, if by any chance David actually married Jason’s mom; look at the brighter side, he now can’t be deported by Trump!

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs, Dobrik!

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