John Crist Girlfriend Lauren Alaina Confirms Their Relationship

Finally, after keeping things off the radar for almost 3 months, Lauren Alaina confirms’ she is dating John Crist.

American singer, songwriter, Lauren, broke the news on The Bobby Bones Show this morning.  The 24-year-old revealed to the host that they have been dating since February. 

Alaina introduced Cris to Bobby saying “This is my boyfriend,” as the comedian sat down to join the interview. She also gushed on how the two started talking initially.

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Does going to a @johnbcrist show make me more of a CRISTian? #ForSureNo #CheckYourHeart

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It was Lauren who slid into Crist’s DMs responding to one of John’s Instagram videos. However, Cris had no idea who Lauen was at that time and had to look her up in the Wikipedia page.

But despite the slow start at the beginning, they both made past it and here we are getting to witness one perfect pair.

Further in the show, Cris even jokingly addressed the age difference (11 years) that they share and said,

“I’m 35, her mom is 45, and she’s 24 … so I’m closer to her mom’s age than her. When she and her mom are arguing about stuff I’m literally in the middle like, ‘Actually your mom makes some good points,’”

Lauren then added, how Cris’ family were shocked to finally see John shifting his focus from his career a little bit,

“John hasn’t introduced them to a girl in 10 years so… they’re shocked he’s bringing a girl around,”

Before John, Lauren was in a 6 years long relationship with Alex Hopkins and the two broke off their engagement 4 months back.

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