Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash Breakup 2019 Confirmed!

What a week it has been for the Youtube community so far! At first, James Charles got canceled a big time, then Trisha Paytas got exposed by Nikocado, and now; Trisha’s spilling the tea related to her break up.┬áNothing more to ask for if you love drama!

Jumping straight into the business and addressing what the title says; yes now the world can stop asking if Trisha and Jason are still together.

After months of fooling around with her fans, Trisha finally made an hour-long video explaining why she broke up with Jason.

As per Trisha, she and Jason have been broken up for two months now. The last time they saw each other was at Trisha’s birthday party on 8th May 2019 where according to her; Jason had a big fall out.

The one-hour long video consists of Trisha crying for at least the 3/4th part of it and the rest includes her explaining how good of a person Jason is.

Why Did Trisha Break up with Jason?

In the video, Trisha clearly states that Jason is hands-down the nicest person she has ever met in her life. Also, she expresses that he has patience like that of a saint and Jason was caring, kind and loyal while they were in a relationship.

So what caused them to go sperate ways? Well, if you have been sticking around with the drama surrounding Trisha form earlier this year, you know what caused the rift between their relationship.

It was that one video that Trisha made calling out David Dobrik, Vlog Squad, and of course Jason. So now, Trisha admits the video contributed to her break up with Jason although things didn’t go bad immediately.

Jason still tried to amend things with Trisha and even cooked pasta for her on 5th of February which marked their one-year dating anniversary.

The two even made a video together explaining how they were working out on things; which was uploaded on Jason’s channel.

However, Jason received a major backlash for the video so he took down the video and apparently broke up with Trisha on FaceTime.

In case you don’t have anything else to do, you might as well watch the video,

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