Is Chris Brown Dead 2019? What’s With the Rumors Related to the Singer’s Death?

The Look at me Now singer, Cris Brown, is another one on the list of death hoax victims. Recently the rumors have been swirling around that Chris was shot dead by police.

Many people are falling for the rumor and asking questions if the singer is really dead? Well, not everything you see and hear is to be believed in the world dominated by trolls. Chris Brown is not just alive; he is all smiles.

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However, another person with the same name sure died a couple of months before and that might have contributed to the confusion.

Former professional surfer, Chris Brown, was found dead on a California beach in the month of January.

The 48-year-old retired surfer worked as a commercial urchin diver at the time of his death.  Moreover, Chris was best known for surfing during his teenage in the professional circuit as a World Tour competitor.

As per Surfer Magazine, Brown had also won the title of world amateur surfing in 1988 along with Professional Surfing Association of America (Bud Pro Tour) championship in 1994.

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