James Charles Losing 1000’s of Subscribers Every Second: Is Sister James Cancelled?

James Charles the 20-year-old social media influencer with millions of followers over all the platforms; is in the serious verge of losing it all.

Controversies and James have been a new thing that people get to hear about on a daily basis. Thus, it’d be fair to say; James is slowly turning into Logan Paul, who, right now, holds the title of the most controversial YouTuber.

Starting with his own followers, who have complained in the past of being talked down upon by James; to now his friends coming forth explaining his immoral deeds, James is in serious trouble.

Earlier this morning Tati Westbrook, another make-up artist, shook the internet for a while with her video titled ‘Bye Sister.’ The 43 minutes long video has already amassed over 4 million views in just 9 hours.

Tati in the video said ‘fame, power and fat bank account will change anyone,’ and as per her it has been the same case with James.

James replied back with an 8-minute long video titled ‘Tati,’ where he apologized for every mistake that he has committed.

He said he is all aware of the fact that he has hurt Tati and her husband who were the only ones who supported him in the very beginning of his career.

James Charles is on the Verge of Getting Cancelled

James apology video has set the tone of how much people have started to dislike him as a person. His subscriber count is dropping faster than the temperature drop in Antartica as you move further down from the coast.

Not just that, the number of dislikes that his video received is crazy.  And the comment section obviously is all covered-up with hate.

Both Tati and James are trending on Twitter along with the hashtag Bye Sister.

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