ProJared’s Wife Heidi O’Ferrall Wiki Bio: Age, Birthday, Family, Instagram, Divorce, & More

Heidi O’Ferrall is a professional artist, designer, cosplayer, twitch streamer and what not. However, she is currently under the spotlight for exposing her husband, Jared Knabenbauer (ProJared), for cheating her with Holly Conard.

Quick Facts and Information on Heidi O’Ferrall

Birthday April 1st, 1988
Age 31
Country U.S
Address Dallas, Texas
Nationality American
Profession Artist, Designer Cosplayer
School / University University of Texas
Marital Status Married
Husband ProJared (Jared Knabenbauer)
Children None
Social Media Twitter, Instagram

ProJared and Heidi O’Ferrall Divorce

The whole drama between ProJared and his wife started on 8th May 2019, after the YouTuber made an announcement on his twitter about getting a divorce.

He elaborated that the decision to get a divorce was reached after participating in the individual as well as couple’s therapy. Jaren further went on to state that he hopes to exit the marriage with style and grace.

Also, he mentioned that he is concerned about Heidi’s privacy and mental wellbeing.

Before making the announcement, Jared happened to block his wife on Twitter and thus Heidi fired back with a reply.

She chose to open up about her tumultuous relationship with husband Jared and tweeted,

I recently learned that my husband has been fu***ng behind my back for months. I have no idea what announcement he just made because he blocked me.

Heidi and Jared got married in June of 2014 and after almost 5 years of togetherness, everything seems to be over now.

Heidi Claims; She Has Proof to Back-up Her Accusations

It seems like Heidi knows how to handle her business well. In the follow-through tweet, she explained how Jared was playing games both side and claimed she has proof,

I have proof. Explicit conversations and photographs of their relationship, which he extensively lied to me about on many occasions. He was promising me that he was committed to our relationship at the time, and promising her he was breaking up with me.

She then went on to shed light on the matter that Jared broke up with her in February and tried to make her feel responsible for all the things that went wrong,

Jared tried very, very hard to make me feel responsible for everything that’s gone wrong in our relationship. He technically broke up with me in February, insisting that the only thing wrong with our marriage was me. Insisting that HE had tried to make things work.


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