Brian Encinia Wiki 2019: Where is He? Update on Brian Encinia

Brain Encinia is the state trooper who arrested Sandra Bland on 10th July 2015 alleging her of failing to signal a turn.

Quick Facts and Information on Brian Encinia

Real Name Brian Encinia
Birthday Under Review
Age 34
Country U.S
Address Texas
Nationality American
Ethnicity Hispanic
Profession Ex-state trooper
Worked at Blue Bell creameries as an ingredient-processing supervisor
School Texas A&M University
Marital Status Married
Wife Not Revealed
Children Not Revealed
Social Media No traces

Where is Brian Encinia Now? Is he in Jail?

Well, the exact information on the whereabouts of Mr. Brain Encinia isn’t available as he has ghosted himself from social media.

However, he isn’t in Jail! After arresting Sandra Bland Mr. Encinia made a false statement stating that he removed Ms. Bland from her car in order to conduct the investigation more safely.

Which turned out to be completely false and hence he got indicted on a charge of perjury as the grand jurors accused him of making a false statement in his claim.

However, the charge got dismissed later on a motion by prosecutors “in exchange for the trooper’s promise that he would never again work in law enforcement.”

The prosecuting team then ended up concluding that Mr. Encinia’s will be permanently banned from law enforcement.

15 thoughts on “Brian Encinia Wiki 2019: Where is He? Update on Brian Encinia

    1. White People Are Amazing says:

      Why? She was lawfully stopped by her own admission. She was clearly belligerent as 99% of blacks are when around cops or anyone civilized for that matter. The Supreme Court decided in the 90’s that police can order anyone out of a vehicle for any reason on a simple traffic stop (I don’t necessarily agree with that decision, but a lawful order is a lawful order). Most importantly, she killed herself. You act like he killed her. Now I am sure you’re one of those leftist self deprecating whites, but consider this: He was a brown, ie Hispanic. You want a brown to rot in hell. Under progressive rules, you’re a racist. Have a nice day. It’s ok to be white 😉

      1. Clint says:

        It’s okay to record the police, it’s okay to feel angry, and express your feelings in a non violent way, it’s illegal, and akin to kidnapping to take someone into custody for no other reason than feeling insulted.

      2. Natalia V says:

        Nice bait, but you are wrong on so many counts.

        He lied in his police report multiple times claiming his life was in danger, and that she reached for her cellphone after the confrontation making him fear she was going for a gun. In fact, she had it the phone time, so there was no instance of her “reaching for an unknown item” as he put in his police report. He is a liar and a shitbag. You are undoubtedly a right-wing bootlicker, but consider this; being Hispanic has nothing to do with police brutality and abuse of power.

      3. Akheem Akhi-Gbade says:

        That’s not what it’s about but if you have been treated like shit for something so simple perhaps you might understand. People like you never see the other side until something affects you personally. Good luck in life!

      4. Mary says:

        The bottom line is…. his ego was crush and he wanted to get even in the most racist way! It’s shame because him being an Hispanic should understand how black are treated being they grew up poor and mistreated as well! How quick they forget!

        White people are hell bound if they don’t change their evil ways!!!!

        This is coming from a white person too!!!!!!

    2. ElliotAlderson says:

      Is there any evidence she was suicidal in the past ? Isn’t it odd she commits suicide yet she is innocent ? Do you think they killed her ?

  1. Walter says:

    She was not belligerent at first. He asked her questions and he did not like the responses. Police officers are supposed to be trained to de-escalate a situation and he very clearly escalated it. Would love to see where you get your stats “…belligerent as 99% of blacks are when around cops or anyone civilized for that matter.” This is unsubstantiated drivel. If it is not, prove your stats.

  2. Sonia says:

    1) She refused to put her cigarette out when told to do some by law enforcement.

    2) She refused to get out of her car when told to by law enforcement.

    3) She was hostile & argumentative.

    4) She cussed and made threats of taking trooper to court & called the officer nasty names. She provoked him.

    5) She resisted arrest & would not stand still.
    She created all the tension by arguing with the trooper instead of cooperating with law enforcement & just so as she was told. Instead she was argumentative & acted hostile towards the cop!

    1. Carol Roman says:

      Would you feel the same if Sandra Bland had been White? Perhaps your daughter or sister. I raised three boys (white). And there were times in their teens they were insolent to police, but they were never threatened or treated as this woman was. If we are going to get past this and be better Americans, we have to stand for basic human rights for all.

      1. Akheem Akhi-Gbade says:

        It’s that simple and not that complicated!

  3. Dirty Cops says:

    Brian Encinia should also be charge for excessive force and false imprisonment. Both of which carries heavy penalties but as you know, the courts system is a Complete Failure for People of Color..

  4. ShirleyB says:

    The legal system is a complete failure, period. America is not free.

    “White People are Amazing” is just stirring the pot to get a reaction.

    Sonia sounds like a LEO worshiper, boot licker.

    Make sure to just obey all orders from LEOs. Perhaps next time you encounter a LEO you should bend over and take it without any lube Surrender all your rights and then you can be “safe” from arrest.


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