Calum Hood Girlfriend 2019: Is He Still Dating Nia Lovelis?

Calum Hood, the Australian singer-songwriter and bassist of the renowned band 5 Seconds of Summer, (5SOS) is undoubtedly a charmer.

People go crazy over this guy and fantasize dating him someday, but the question is; is he available?

Well, we believe he is! In a recent tweet posted on 5th May 2019, Calum somehow revealed; he is single!

The tweet caught the attention of so many people that Calum even trended on twitter! But is Calum single for real?

Because the last time we checked he was rumored to be dating Nia Lovelis, one of the band members of Hey Violet.

Calum Hood and Nia Lovelis 2019

If you are one of Calum Hood’s avid fan, you sure know about the rumors related to their romantic association.

The rumor of Nia being Calum’s girlfriend surfaced the media in early 2016. They were spotted together a number of times and one could tell they weren’t just friends.

But, despite the rumors; neither one of them confirmed their relationship nor denied. Which only made all their fans oblivious to the matter.

Some people still believe Calum and Nia are low-key dating while some others are convinced that they are over.

Meanwhile, as per the recent update that each one of them has provided on their relationship; it seems as if they are no more together.

Calum has openly confessed on being single to his millions of fans and Nia is in love with her ‘Starbucks boyfriend.’

Although both their tweets could possibly be a joke and nothing more, for now, we don’t have evidence to confirm that Calum and Nia are still dating.

So, if you fantasize dating either one of them; keep your hopes alive!

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