Are Zane Hijazi and Natalie Dating? Is ‘Zatalie’ Real?

If you too are curious as to what actually is happening between Zane and Natalie; we have all the answers.

YouTuber Zane Hijazi is currently under speculation to be dating Natalie Noel Mariduena, David Dobrik’s assistant.┬áThe speculation, however, is created by the vlog squad fans, who adore the chemistry between Zane and Natalie.

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Whatever the case may be, this match-up still seems a little weird as David and Natalie are shipped together too.

So, who actually is Natalie interested in? Is it Zane Hijazi or is it YouTube’s ‘nicest creator’ David Dobrik?

Well, to be honest, Natalie doesn’t seem to be interested in any of the two. She instead is already in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend Shawn Nelson. Many people don’t know about Natalie’s relationship as she has kept it very low-key.

Also, since she gets along with the jokes made in the vlog squad’s vlogs related to her romantic union with David and Zane; people tend to fall for it.

Neither David is serious about his relationship jokes and nor is Zane. Also, these YouTube veterans know how to keep their fans invested and curious.

Thus, they keep teasing their fans with things like this so that you’ll have something to talk about. So, a healthy ‘Zatalie’ shipping is cool.

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