James Charles and Gage Gomez Leaked DMs: What Happened Between the Two?

The rift between James Charles and aspiring model Gaze Gomez is going totally off bounds.

The two first got spotted together at Coachella, hinting some romantic association. However, as soon as they returned from the event; people started asking James if he was dating Gage.

But James came back with a response that didn’t coincide well with what his and Gage’s picture portrayed.

James called Gage a con artist in a now-deleted tweet and blamed him for playing with his feelings. In return, Gage made a video explaining what went down between the two,

Gage explains that the two started talking since January 2019 and it was James who initiated the conversation via DM.

Moreover, Gage stated that James tried to manipulate him; he said,

James then saw us as an opportunity to manipulate me as a person, who may or may not have been trying to figure things out about their sexuality; after the fact of telling him that i was straight multiple times.

After Gage’s video was out, co-incidentally, James and Gage’s DMs reportedly got leaked.

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Leaked DMS from gage and James if you do not want to read them go to the viewers voice YouTube channel link in @nicksnider bio

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Now, it isn’t still sure if the leaked screenshots are real or fake. But, people have started to believe whatever they saw in the leaked images and are taking sides.

Most of the people are supporting Gage Gomez completely,

Whereas, others believe Gage is in the wrong

Meanwhile, James has tweeted admitting that it was wrong of him to call Gage a con artist and that he has apologized to Gage for it. However, he denies all the other allegations.

Further, James wrote that he is taking responsibility for his side and is moving on from all the drama.

What are you guy’s opinion on the matter? Do you think James Charles is wrong or is Gage at fault? Let us know in the comment section below.

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1 thought on “James Charles and Gage Gomez Leaked DMs: What Happened Between the Two?

  1. Jaye says:

    Like Cardi B said, they do anything for CLOUT!! Sounds like Gage was clout chasing and using our sister to do so


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