Fie Laursen on Jake Paul Snapchat Picture Leak

22-year-old Fie Laursen is a Danish blogger, YouTuber, author, reality star and photo model.

She grew up in Jægerspris and became famous in 2012 when she appeared in the Evening Show as a victim of bullying. After coming into the limelight, she started blogging about fashion and lifestyle. In 2015, she also received the Fashion Blog Award.

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Happiness under the sun

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In March 2016, she posted a video on YouTube admitting that several of her blog stories had been fictitious and promised to be honest in the future.

In 2015, Fie Laursen participated in a number of episodes of Paradise Hotel, and later also in the TV3 show Totally in the Forest. In 2018 she again participated in the Paradise Hotel and made her entrance into the reality program “Divas in the Jungle”.

In May 2017, Fie Laursen published the book My Honesty at People’s Press. That same year started her music career releasing two singles “Justin” and “Top 10”.

In her blog Fie Laursen says:


I feel bad inside, in what I write in this post, but I have to answer to all of you who write to me. Jake Paul’s snapchat has been hacked and there are many of you who have seen (naked pics). This is really hard for me because the man reaches out to what … 11 million people? I have no idea how many people have seen me naked, but when I sent the pictures it was for him and not the whole world. It is not his fault that he has been hacked and I am not angry with him, but it hurts within that I am exhibited in front of the whole of the United States – and certainly the whole world. There are so many who follow him and what do I look like for them now? I woke up to a spammed inbox from people who sent me my nude pictures, some from dk(Denmark), but most from the USA. I also had a message from Jake, but it was not from him, but from the hacker, where I was supposed to send a picture with a text on my breasts, otherwise he would lick my pictures, which he had done before. The pictures were also sent to Frederik, who was next to me. I have a terrible inside.

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Tak for de smukkeste roser skat ❤️

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It’s been a long time since I sent these pictures and I’m not going to dive into my relationship with Jake because it really doesn’t matter to people just because my pictures are public when he was hacked. I’m sure he’ll help me and do something about it. I am not embarrassed to have taken the pictures and sent them, but I have a very hard time with them being posted and coming out to so many people. It is both private conversations with us and pictures. I can’t understand at all that this is how people abroad need to know me . Her with the naughty conversations? I hope people will stop sharing the pictures and people will report everything in sight. That’s all I can say now. I’m almost out of words, so I’m broken. It’s really sad !!


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