Ross Lynch Nudes Leak Making Him Trend on Twitter

After actress Amanda Seyfried’s explicit picture went viral earlier this month; it is now Ross Lynch’s turn to trend on Twitter!

The 23-years-old American singer, songwriter, and actor, Ross Lynch, is trending and it isn’t because of his new projects.

Ross, whose sexuality is often questioned, is put on a blast after his nudes got leaked today. Every other person on the internet is talking about Ross’ di*k!

However, this isn’t the only time Ross Lynch’s explicit picture got leaked. It has happened several times in the past!

But, since Ross and his brother, Rocky, dropped their song –Feel You Now, a few days ago; the nudes getting leaked is also considered a publicity stunt.

Apart from that; there also are claims regarding the nudes being fake. Some believe the pictures are photoshopped, whereas, the others don’t.

How the Internet reacted to Ross Lynch’s Leaked Nudes

There are some, talking about the size of Ross’ di*k,

People are clearly shocked by the size of Ross’ Weiner,

Others are just funny reactions,

These tweets won’t stop!

So, what are you guy’s thoughts on Ross’ nude leak? Do you think it is a publicity stunt or just an unfortunate leak?

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