Are Kevin Abstract and Boyfriend Jaden Walker Still Dating in 2019?

Kevin Abstract the 22-year-old American rapper is relishing his life to the fullest. With all the heights of success that Kevin has reached, at such a young age, he sure is content.

But, it isn’t just the professional success that Kevin is appeased with, he sure is blessed with things beyond success; and that is love.

And by love, we mean not just the supportive fans who love his music, but that one special man; who loves Kevin for who he is.

Yes, we are talking about Kevin Abstract’s boyfriend of over a year now, Jaden Walker. Ever since the two made their relationship public in 2017, Kevin and Jaden have never fallen short of love.

They are one of the hottest gay couples in the town and they compliment one another perfectly.

Moreover, Jaden calls Kevin, ‘the love of his life,

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Happy bday love of my life @kevinabstract ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Whereas, for Kevin, Jaden is his best friend and also one of the very special human beings that he has ever met,

So, if you fangirl either one of them and clicked on this article with the hope that they might have broken up; we are sorry to hurt your feelings.

Kevin and Jaden don’t seem to have any plans on breaking up.

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