Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash’s Breakup Didn’t Last Long? Jason Cryptically Hinting They Could be Together!

Ever since Trisha Paytas announced that she is breaking up with her boyfriend Jason Nash; the people on the internet hasn’t stopped talking about it.

Trisha’s fans are well aware of the fact that Trisha has the tendency to break up with Jason and then get back together shortly. We all have seen that happen a couple of times in the past!

However, this time around, Trisha is comparatively silent on the whole matter! And their fans are still questioning- did Trisha and Jason break up for real?

But worry not, as David Dobrik came to our rescue giving away a subtle clue; that Trisha and Jason might not be done yet.  

Not just that, Jason Nash is also cryptically hinting that he and Trisha might have made peace with each other.

In one of Jason’s videos originally titled He Did This at Their Old Spice Photoshoot uploaded on 23rd February, Jason accidentally says he is single. Everyone then started to believe that Trisha and Jason were no more together.

But the drama didn’t end there! Yes guys, Jason then took the video down as usual; leaving the fans guessing again.

He then reuploads the video on 24th Feb with a slightly different title- THEIR OLD SPICE PHOTOSHOOT MADE HIM DO THIS.

Now, except for the title of the video, something else changed too. And guess what, Jason re-uploaded the video by deleting the part where he says; ‘he was single.’ Strange? Not exactly!

Here’s the part that got deleted.

Well, what do you guys make out of this situation? Is Jason hinting that they are back together? Let us know in the comment section below.

Also, let’s talk about Jason Nash’s Twitter display Picture for a while! It doesn’t make sense to keep a picture of him and Trisha together; had they broken up. Just saying!

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