NLE Choppa Bio 2019: Age, Net Worth, Real Name, Birthday, Height, Shotta Flow & Race

The rising star of Memphis, NLE Choppa has become a sensation at a very young age with his hit single “Shotta Flow”. He has since then backed up his hit single through other hit songs like “Shotta Flow 2” and Capo.

Quick Facts and Information on NLE Choppa

Birthday November 1, 2002
Age 16 Years
Country United States of America
Address Memphis, Tennessee
Profession Rapper
Marital Status Not Married
Girlfriend No public
Nationality American
Net Worth $300k (Estimated)
Social Media Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud
Children/Kids No
Weight 195 lbs
Height 6 Feet 1 Inch (186 cm)
School Cordova High School, Douglas K-12 School

NLE Choppa Bio and Age. What does NLE mean?

NLE Choppa’s real name is Bryson Potts and the NLE in his name stands for “No Love Entertainment.” He was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee on 1st November 2002 and is 16 years of age now.

His mother’s name is Angeleta Ellis Potts and as per reports, she is managing Choppa at the moment.

Also, Choppa refers to his mother as his best friend.

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Meanwhile, the aspiring rapper’s dad’s identity is yet to get disclosed. However, there were rumors that his dad is a cop/ police.

The rapper denied the fact and even his dad himself confronted people through his son’s live stream on Instagram stating that he isn’t a police.

Furthermore, it is known that Choppa used to play basketball at Cordova High School and get into lots of trouble and fights.

“I was always getting myself in trouble so I could not never just focus on basketball as much as I could,” Choppa tells on his interview with Fucious TV.

He then talks about what people thought about him shooting hoops one minute and rapping the other.

“They would just say I am confused that I don’t know what to do, I knew what I was doing at the time though”

Choppa also has admitted that the vast majority of his associates are crips (A major street gang in Memphis known as Grape Street Crips). Find out about his gang affiliation here.

NLE Choppa Race

NLE Choppa is also widely known as Baby Mexico Choppa. The name Baby Mexico Choppa is widely mentioned in his hit single Shotta Flow which has his fans questioning whether his race is Mexican. However, NLE Choppa is from Memphis and is not Mexican but an American citizen. The race of his parents is currently not disclosed.

As per Houseofnames, The Anglo-Saxon name Potts comes from Phillip. A common medieval English form of the name Phillip is Philpot. This form was often shortened to the diminutive form Pot or Pott. It is from this form of Phillip that the surname Potts is derived. The personal name Phillip was popular thanks to the influence of St. Phillip, one of the twelve apostles of Christ.

There is, however, another possible etymology, that better explains some instances of the name. Pott was an Old English word which meant a hole or pit. It was sometimes used topographically to indicate residence near such a geographical feature. This makes this surname polygenetic; that is, derived from more than one source and having more than one initial bearer.

NLE Choppa’s Songs

NLE Choppa started his career in 2017 at the age of 15, with the debut song titled “No Love Anthem” which has over 100,000 views on YouTube. Within a short span of time the 16 years old rapper has taken the internet by storm.

His talent at this age is quite exceptional and he has received compliments from fellow rappers Blacboy JB and Birdman (Cash money boss). His name has been added to the list of rising rappers like NBA YoungBoy and Blocboy JB.

Choppa shot to fame through his song titles “No Chorus Pt. 3” which was highly appreciated by the fans for its nice lyrics and plots. He is also widely known by the name Baby Mexico Choppa.

His single, “Shotta Flow,” released on Jan 10, 2019, really changed the game for him. The song made him an instant superstar in the rap scene.“Shotta Flow” has amassed more than 15 million views on Youtube only in about 6 weeks. His genuinely new YouTube channel has exploded due to this song.

Listen to NLE Choppa Shotta Flow

After Shotta Flow‘s success Choppa collaborated with Blocboy JB and on January 30, 2019, they dropped another single “ChopBloc.”

He then released a sequel to his hit song “Shotta Flow” with another single titled “Shotta Flow 2” on Feb 15 and the song has already amassed 5 million views on Youtube in less than 2 weeks. Surely now, the sky is the limit for this 16-year-old rapper from Memphis.

Listen to NLE Choppa Shotta Flow 2

Further, on Valentine’s Day, he released his first vlog which also featured another YouTube star, Jake Paul.

Also, on February 15, 2019, NLE Choppa supposedly turned down a record bargain worth $3 million to work with UnitedMasters.

He then went on to release his another hit single Capo which has further helped improve his already skyrocketing reputation.

Listen to NLE Choppa Capo

Now, NLE Choppa has garnered a huge following in all his social media accounts.

Social Media Followers
Instagram Over 400 K
YouTube Over 200 K
Twitter Over 4 K
Soundcloud Over 4 K

NLE Choppa’s Net Worth

NLE Choppa is estimated to have a net worth of $ 300k mainly through his Music sales. He has amassed this impressive net worth at such a young age and all within a year after coming to the entertainment business. His net worth will certainly increase by many folds if he can keep up with this progress.

He is really matured for his age with the way he looks at life. He gave us some glimpse of his thoughts while talking to Genius,

“When I earn my first paycheck I want to invest in real estate and then I want to own a shoe store. Everybody needs shoes, everybody needs a house.”

This tells us a lot about his character. At his age, most people want to spend money on cars and jewelry but he wants to invest.

NLE Choppa’s Phone number

If you want to contact this teenage sensation for bookings then hit 9013371571 and for features, you can dial 9018498792.

NLE Choppa’s Girlfriend

“I aint had no time for no female, its all work” he replied when asked about how girls have treated him after his success. It seems that the ladies have to wait, to get their hands on him.

NLE Choppa Dance

The teenage superstar is not only a renowned rapper but is known for his dance moves as well. He went on to his Instagram and posted a dance video requesting his followers to help him get 7 million subscribers on popular photo sharing app Instagram.

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