Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star to Launch Makeup Palette as They Start Filming Second Series

It was a long time rumor circling around that Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star were set to collaborate on a product launch. Now, this rumor has come to an end as Star at a public appearance in California confirmed the news. The duo was present in Sacramento to cut the ribbon for a new Morphe Store.

Shane Dawson is now looking to turn into a beauty entrepreneur after having tasted success as a documentarian. Dawson and Star will be collaborating again for Dawson’s next docuseries for which the concept has not been finalized as of yet.

Dawson has now gained over 60 million views on YouTube. Dawson has released a mini-series on YouTube which explores various conspiracies theories and the videos have been doing really well for Shane as well as his fans.

Collaborations in a beauty product, as well as videos, has become a thing as they influence many and have turned out to be a success formula for many. So why would Shane Dawson stay out of it, after all, he is a YouTube vet and also a master in creating content as per the audience niche.

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