Lilly Singh Came Out as Bisexual: Says Being Bisexual is Her Superpower!

Lilly Singh a.k.a Superwoman came out as a bisexual to her millions of fans on 24th February 2019. Lilly, who always preaches for “Girl Love” took to Twitter to announce the proud news.

Lilly wrote; throughout her life- being colored, female, and bisexual were proven to be an obstacle. However,  she embraces them as her superpowers now.

Lilly also encouraged all her fans and followers to be proud of their identity no matter how many boxes they check.

Prior to her coming out as a bisexual, Lilly has kissed a few ladies for her videos which slightly sparked the rumor back in time.

But now, Lilly herself has cleared the air and her friends and supporters are equally happy for her.

Lilly’s one of the closet friends, Shane Dawson, who is also bisexual, tweeted; expressing how proud he is.

James Charles also took time to let Lilly know that he was proud too.

Many other creators and fans as well showered love to Lilly and she thanked everyone for the positivity and love via a tweet.

Meanwhile, fans are now excited to know if she is dating and has a partner.

Lilly Sing a.k.a Superwoman’s Love Life, Dating, and Boyfriend

Lilly has openly talked about her past relationship in many of her videos. She once dated a guy whose identity is still under wraps. But other than that there are just some rumors of her dating life.

Lilly and Yousef Erakat frequently collaborated for their YouTube videos and hence the rumor started to ignite. Many even claim that they were actually dating, however, both Yousef and Lilly didn’t confirm the rumor.

Also now, Yousef is dating Simmi Singh!

Furthermore, Superwoman was also romantically associated with Dominic Sandoval a.k.a D-Trix. The two have kissed multiple times for YouTube videos. And the internet wasn’t ready to believe that D-Trix wasn’t Lilly’s boyfriend.

But down the line, D-Trix debunked all their dating rumors by introducing his girlfriend to the world.

Meanwhile, all eyes are on Lilly now to find out; will she be dating a boyfriend or a girlfriend next.

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