Shane Dawson Backs Morgan Adams On Teala Dunn Friendship After Tristan’s Tweet

Morgan Adams is replying to fans who are doubting her bond with a friend and fellow YouTuber Teala Dunn.

Morgan Adams is the sister of Ryland Adams, the boyfriend of YouTuber Shane Dawson. Morgan has earned more than 2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Morgan recently posted a storytime video where she shared her experience of meeting a psychic and also getting scammed. In the same video, Teala Dunn and Oli, Morgan’s friends were also seen given opinions while she was sharing her story about the psychic with them.

All of it started when Tristan said “What are your opinions on her friends? I know it’s her personal choice but I feel like Teala might take advantage of her :(“

With more than a million subscribers, Teala is a fellow Vlogger, who recently landed herself amidst a drama concerning her relationship with Eva Gutowski and the savage squad.

Regarding the same friction, Eva Gutowski uploaded a video declaring Teala and herself had grown apart. And as Teala became closer friends with Morgan, some people started being skeptical and giving opinions on Morgan and Teala’s friendship.

So, after dubious remarks began circling around Morgan’s recently uploaded video, she chose to tackle the issue straight away.

Morgan said,  “Here is my opinion. Teala (and her family) have been nothing but kind and generous to me. She takes me everywhere, introduces me to everyone and never once has asked for anything in return. One of the most genuine friends I’ve ever had. Oli too. & that’s the tea sis”

Shane Dawson even backed Morgan saying: “daddies not gonna get himself involved with teen girl drama but i wanted to say i’m very grateful for Teala and her family. they have taken such good care of Morgan and are people i trust to make sure she’s safe. I don’t know the tea but i just wanted to say i appreciate them.”

Lucy tweeted, “Can we just leave Morgan the fuck alone? She is allowed to be friends with whomever she wants. We don’t get a say in that and we should trust HER judgement. We don’t see everything as an audience or as fans. People change behind closed doors. People should be given a chance. Smh”

Morgan retweeted it and added… “*ariana voice* iiiiiiiiiiIIIIIMAAAAAGGGGIIIINNNNNEEEa world like that.”

Later Teala Dunn herself tweeted and said, “I love you so much. Morgan is such a genuine friend I’m so lucky to have her in my life.”

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