Miranda Sings Hates Her Baby, Says the Baby is Killing Her!

The stark contrast between the emotions of Miranda Sings and Colleen Ballinger on having the baby has caught up the attention of her fans.

In her YouTube video “My baby is killing me” from her youtube channel “Miranda Sings”, Miranda can be seen crying and constantly cursing her luck on having her baby.

“Most of you know I had a freaking baby and it turns out that he is not even a good one,” Miranda says as she sobs.

“He is like the worst. He is not even the kind of kid that I wanted” she complains.

“My son is literally trying to kill me, he is going to kill me, my kid is going to kill me” she continues on her video.

The video has already amassed above 1.7 million views and the talk of the town has been how Colleen absolutely adores Flynn (the baby) but Miranda hates her.

For those who don’t know that Miranda Sings is just a fictional character created by Colleen Ballinger, it may be repulsive, but her fans love every bit of it and are craving for more.

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