YouTuber Matt Watson Talks About “Wormhole” Of Explicit Comments On Videos Of Underage Girls

YouTuber Matt Watson talks about a wormhole on YouTube where he suggests that those who enter randomly will land themselves into a pool of videos of underage girls.

The videos are inescapable and once you click on one of them, YouTube’s algorithm will suggest you dozens of such videos in your up next column. The videos often have titles such as yoga, gymnastics, pool day, and twister.

The videos do not have any sexual content but the comments’ section in the video is a totally poles apart story than the title and the video itself. People in the comment openly talk about how attractive they find the girls in the video and even post timestamps to point out a particular girl or a pose done by those in the video. The comment is for other users who can directly jump onto the part where they might find the girls in compromising positions without having to watch the entire video.

People post links that tip to sites out of YouTube. Many of those external links are to websites and videos that contain explicit contents or child pornography, says YouTuber Matt Watson in his latest video, YouTube is Facilitating the Sexual Exploitation of Children, and it’s Being Monetized.

“Once you are in this wormhole, there is nothing but more videos of little girls. How has YouTube not seen this?”, says Matt Watson in his video.

He further adds that it is very easy for anyone to find such videos on YouTube. He has also demonstrated it works and the results prove that it is really messed up thing and it needs serious attention from YouTube.

When asked to YouTube spokesperson about Watson’s allegations that YouTube might be allowing such things to take place on YouTube by TubeFilter, the reply was this statement:

“Any content — including comments — that endangers minors is abhorrent and we have clear policies prohibiting this on YouTube. We enforce these policies aggressively, reporting it to the relevant authorities, removing it from our platform and terminating accounts. We also have strict policies that govern where we allow ads to appear and we enforce these policies vigorously. When we find content that is in violation of our policies, we immediately stop serving ads or remove it altogether. We continue to invest heavily in technology, teams and partnerships with charities to tackle this issue.”




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