Pewdiepie And T-Series Both Cross 86 Million Subscribers Base On YouTube

Pewdiepie, a solo YouTube content creator and T-Series, a giant Indian music company has been at each others neck for a long now. It has been months since the feud between two started concerning the subscribers base. T-Series and Pewdiepie now both stand at 86 million+ subscribers base, the latter leading by few thousands. The subscriber’s count sees a substantial growth and continuously keeps growing for both the channels every time one checks their count.

As this article is penned down, the difference in the subscriber count is less than a hundred thousand between the long hailed king of Youtube, Pewdiepie, and T-Series which seeks to dethrone Pewdiepie.

Many western YouTubers have ganged up on T-Series and run many campaigns such as Subs to Pewdiepie but despite all these efforts, T-Series has constantly grown in terms of the number of subscribers.

Now, as this article is being written, stats are that Pewdiepie stands at 86,076,974 Subscribers and T-Series stands at 86,057,276 Subscribers. As you can see for yourself, the difference has narrowed down to less than 20,000 which is a thin margin in this long-running game. As per the previous stats suggest, it is safe to say that T-Series is just a few days away from beating Pewdiepie in terms of subscribers.

Once, the subscriber’s difference between Pewdiepie and T-Series had gotten to 13000 but Pewdiepie managed to survive that phase and this time again the same thing is in process. Can Pewdiepie manage to get away from T-Series getting past his channel or will it be T-Series having the last laugh? It won’t be long to get to know the result.

Many YouTube channels are getting millions of views out of Live Pewdiepie VS T-Series subscriber count. You can pull off all kinds of YouTube stats from Social Blade or can watch Live Pewdiepie VS T-Series Subscribers count on YouTube. Just don’t get surprised if there are news headlining T-Series has beaten Pewdiepie to become the most subscribed channel on Youtube. T-Series might become the most subscribed channel on Youtube but sooner or later Pewdiepie is sure to catch up and not lose the race. We predict that for about a month from now the situation will be that Pewdiepie and T-Series will be the get to become the highest subscribed YouTube channel in turns.

People are really concerned with the ongoing race between Pewdiepie and T-Series. There are stories and Youtube videos in trending with topics such as ‘What if T-Series beats Pewdiepie?’.

A channel named LifesBiggestQuestions made a video with the topic What if T-Series beats Pewdiepie? and it is trending on Youtube. The answer to the question can T-Series beat Pewdiepie is yes but the main question is when.

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