Yousef Erakat on Impaulsive: Talks about Mental Health, Medications, July 15th, Girlfriend Simmi and What Not

Yousef Saleh Erakat aka ‘Fousey,’ one among the famous Youtubers of old time, who made quite a buzz last year, came forth addressing things that everyone wanted to know. However, he didn’t talk about boxing Vitaly!

After almost 6 months of taking a break from speaking in front of cameras and distancing from social media; Yousef is now ready to talk.

Appearing on Logan Paul’s podcast, ImpaulsiveYousef laid out all the issues that he went through and it’s deep.  First of all, he addressed the known fact about his struggle with depression.

Yousef believes that the desire for growth in the entertainment industry made him create a persona that wasn’t his true self. He basically acted for cameras, putting a facade over his depressed life.

The things eventually started taking a toll on him and we are more or less aware of the outcomes that he faced.

The story behind July 15th

July 15th was a free event planned by Yousef in 2018 that was supposed to unite people together. He wanted to spread positivity and love via the event and as per his plans; big artists were to show up to the event.

Unfortunately, the event ended up being nothing like the one marketed.

But, Yousef is now ready to accept the fact that; the event was put together as a result of his mounting ego. Further, Fousey also admitted that prior to the event he was on Adderall, a drug to help his mental health.

And now, he believes it was because of the drug that he acted the way he acted. He was all hyped up and felt like a completely different person.

Meanwhile, when he looks back at the videos now, he finds it cringy.

Fousey’s Girlfriend Knows the Real Yousef

Fousey shared that throughout his tough times last year, the one who stood by his side was his girlfriend, Simmi Sing.

Simmi was Fousey’s assistance back in time and they have been in on and off relationship ever since. There was a time in Yousef’s life where his mental break down was weighing on him heavily and the two had parted ways for good.

But, prior to the July 15th even last year, the two rekindled their romance again and are dating as of now. Fousey now seems to admire how Simmi has been there for him in his tough time. Also, for the fact that his girlfriend was also his assistance once, he believes Simmi knows the real Yousef, off-cameras.

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Happy Birthday big guy 😊 I just wanted to say that you are one of the strongest, sweetest, most beautiful and creative people I know. 2018 was rough. 28 was rough. I know. But I also see how much you are trying to make 2019 better. I also know that you have the power to turn this entire ship around and sail it in the direction you want it to go. I admire your strength. You fight everyday. Every. Single. Day. One day at a time. You are getting stronger mentally and when you get the hang of it, the world better get ready for the rest. You are a king, always remember that. I’m ready to hear you roar 🐯 Happy birthday naanuuuuu, I love you, and here’s to so many more 👯‍♀️❤️😘 @fousey

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A message from Yousef

Sometimes; the greatest thing that you want to happen for you might be the best thing that never happened for you.

So, no matter how bad it is for you right now, no matter how bad something went, no matter how bad you’ve fallen, I promise you, I am not just saying that; please hang in there. Just hang on to the little glimmer of hope that it will get better, you’ll get through it, there’ll be a brighter day, you’re strong enough, you’re brave enough, you’re loved enough, and you’re worth it enough to keep going because you have a purpose to be here. And, don’t ever give up on that hope.

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