Logan Paul Might Replace KSI in the Next Boxing Match and Fight Somebody Else Instead

Major alert!

YouTuber Logan Paul and his ‘mortal enemy,’ KSI are struggling to remain on the same page regarding their boxing rematch. And meanwhile, Logan has publically made an announcement that if KSI fails to come to an agreement regarding the fight, Logan might as well replace KSI.

In a video titled ‘The truth about KSI rematch,’ Logan addresses the queries related to their fight. Logan said,

I felt about a month ago, KSI’s team seemed sorta uninterested in pursuing the conversation around the fight and actually making progress to make it happen. I was unsure if he was still going to do it.


Logan is still training for the rematch and seems pretty much hyped about knocking KSI down. He says, he wants to finish what he started and wants to give his fans what they want.

But, KSI, on the other hand, appears to have gained some weight and is slightly out of shape. Also, KSI reportedly is about to go on a musical tour, which means, he won’t be training at all!

Thus, Logan made it clear that he is definitely going to fight someone this year and said he¬†would love that for it to be KSI. However, if KSI doesn’t step up, Logan still is going to put up a match fighting somebody else.

KSI vs Logan Paul rematch was first proposed for December and then February. But as per Logan, KSI refused both the times.

Well, KSI denies the fact that he has refused and is instead blaming Logan’s team for doing nothing to fix the match.

These two picking at one another isn’t a new thing for the internet to see, however, the fans would love to know the truth rather than watching the grown-up YouTubers act childish.

Fans’ first choice at the moment is to watch KSI vs Logan Paul finish their unsolved business in the ring. But, it is even more interesting to find out, if not KSI, who would Logan fight.

Will Chris Hemsworth be down to accept the challenge or will Logan have to find someone else? Stay tuned to find out!

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