Are Shin Lim’s Magic Tricks Magical Enough to Make him Win America’s Got Talent: The Champions 2019?

One couldn’t have asked for a better show this year than America’s Got Talent: The Champions. All the power-packed performers from around the globe, who deserved a chance at proving themselves again were brought together by AGT.

And meanwhile, we are just a few days away from finding who will be the champion of the champions. In the final race are 12 outstandingly talented artists, battling to be the winner.

Amidst the boiling tension of the finale, everyone has put forth the best show and the audience, by now, seemingly have their favorites. One among the most liked contestants this year is undoubtedly the charming magician the world has ever witnessed; Shin Lim.

From his magnificent stage presence, charming looks, enthralling smile, to the flabergasting magic tricks; Shim has every quality that a winner acquires.

But, are Shin’s Magic Tricks Enough to Make Him Win?

No doubt, the competition this year in America’s Got Talent: The Champions is as tough as it could get.

This year we have 6 singers, Paul Potts (opera singer), Angelica Hale (two times golden buzzer winner),  Brian Justin Crum, Kechi, Cristina Ramo, and Susan Boyle in the finals.

Joining them are two magicians; Shin Lim, and Jon Dorenbos, along with Kseniya Simonova (Sand artist), Darci Lynne (ventriloquist), Preacher Lawson (Comedian), and Deadly Games (Stunt Performers).

Talking about magicians, Jon Dorenbos is equally good at his magic tricks and has stunned judges this year. The audience also has seemingly loved him and his final performances was a massive hit.

But again, Shin Lim the Canadian-American magician might have a slightly more chance to win this whole thing. Shim has a rhythm going on for him as he was also the winner of AGT 2018 and this time he is fighting to defend his title of a champion.

For all the exclusive magic tricks that Shim has performed to entertain the audience and judges; it won’t be a surprise if he wins the show.

But, let us not forget the fact that other contestants aren’t there to lose either!

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