‘Prospect’ Movie Review

Prospect is another critically acclaimed science fiction movie which will possibly bore its viewers to death. Written and directed by Zeek Earl and Chris Caldwell, the concept and imagination of the two can be applauded even though you might feel like fast forwarding the whole movie.

The story is about a teenage girl (Cee) played by Sophie Thatcher and her father (Damon) played by Jay Duplass who travel to a remote alien moon, yes “Moon”, in search of treasures.

But things start getting complicated as they encounter other beings and it soon becomes a fight for survival along with (Erza) played by Narcos and Game of Thrones star Pedro Pascal.

The constant portrayal of greed shown in the movie make us ponder into the true motives and dark emotions of the entire human race.

Even though the creativity and the concept of the movie cannot be undervalued, watching the movie may not be as entertaining as the trailer suggests. The pace of the movie is alarmingly slow and the trailer gives up the most important moments of the movie due to which one can easily predict certain important scenes.

Very little time is given for character building due to which the emotional scenes of the movie barely touches your heart.  It is certain to be a treat to the genre enthusiast but the for the average moviegoers; finishing the movie may seem like a chore rather than entertainment.

If you are one of those sci-fi enthusiasts who crave for creativity and laud artists without giving much thought to the entertainment factor; then this movie will certainly amaze you.

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