Does Chuck E. Cheese’s Serve Leftover Pizzas? Shane Dawson’s Conspiracy Theory Series has Got Everyone Talking about it!

Shane Dawson, the very famous American YouTuber, and his videos on conspiracy theories are one of the liked series on the internet by far.

In his videos, Shane usually talks about many interesting theories that people love to dwell upon. And likely so, today he chose to address an issue related to Chuck E. Cheese’s, a chain of American family entertainment centers and restaurants.

After going through a couple of videos from the unsatisfied diners in the past, and self-evaluating the picture of Chuck E Cheese’s pizza; Shane had no choice than to question if something was wrong.

In many of the pictures, the pizza appeared to have uneven slices. It seemed as if the different slices of pizzas were glued together to make it look like one fresh pizza!

Thus, to find out what actually was going on; Shane decided to pay a visit to Chuck E. Cheese’s himself. Next, what happened, blew Shane and his friend’s mind!

To their surprise, the three different pizzas that they ordered came in the shape that wasn’t just right.

So, Does Chuck E. Cheese’s Serve Leftover Pizzas for Real?

If we are to believe, what one of Shane’s friends, who worked for Chuck E. Cheese’s, told him in the past, Chuck E. Cheese’s do serve leftover pizzas. However, that is just a statement from a random person without any supporting evidence to it.

Also, even after witnessing the bizarre shape of the pizzas that Shane and his friends ordered; Shane still cannot tell for sure that the pizzas weren’t completely fresh.

In the video, he did talk about asking the staff if something was wrong with the pizzas but he only received a weird and awkward reaction from the employee and nothing more!

Well, after Shane’s video has gone viral, the management team of Chuck E. Cheese should definitely have been alerted. But if they are compromising with the quality and hygiene of the food that they mainly serve to kids; some serious action needs to be taken!

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