Searching Movie Review: An Unpredictable and Original Thriller!

Beneath all the unique visual presentations using smartphones and computers and an unpredictable storyline with unexpected twists and turns; “Searching” really is about the hardships that a family goes through after the death of a loved one.

Aneesh Chaganty on his feature debut has brought an artistic touch, second to none, in the way the storyline is presented. Written by Aneesh himself along with Sev Ohanian the story is certain to make us scratch our head in disbelief and, at the same time, amaze us with the free-flowing narrative.

The story is about Margot Cho played by Michelle La, who goes missing and her father David Kim played by John Cho uses the most powerful tool available to him – his daughter’s laptop to track down his missing daughter. David actively helps the lead investigator Detective Vick (played by Debra Messing) in search of his missing daughter and together they try to track down all the leads leading to Margot.

David who is so sure that he knows his daughter well is constantly disheartened while going through her laptop on knowing how much their relationship changed after the death of his wife Pamela played by Sara Sohn. This movie subtly gives essential life lessons especially to those single moms and dads who have lost their partners.

Things are not always the way we imagine them to be and neither are people. The once inaccessible personal thoughts that people kept to themselves can now easily be known just by looking at the person’s search history.

In this digital world, there are no more secrets; everything is online. Meanwhile this movie, beautifully, harrowingly shows us the way we leave prints in this digital world which will surely make you want to switch to incognito mode; before doing another search.

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