Trisha Paytas Tries to Mend Fences with David Dobrik after Comparing Him to Ted Bundy and Calling Him a Horrible Person

Not long after Trisha Paytas came at David Dobrik and Vlog Squad with a bunch of serious allegations; Trisha chose to apologize for most of the things she said.

In a video titled ‘Explanation,’ uploaded on her channel, Trisha does the explaining as to how the things she said in her previous video weren’t appropriate.

Trisha went as far as calling David a horrible human being and even compared him to a serial killer and rapist named Ted Bundy.

But, she did take down the video immediately and just two days later; she came forth with an apology.

Trisha took back most of the things she said and corrected her previous statements. Now, she feels like ‘immature’ would be the apt word to define David and his actions.

Whereas, she is also now contradicting by backing up to admit that she and her boyfriend, Jason Nash’s relationship is over.

Previously, Trisha mentioned that she was over Jason and wished his future girlfriend-to-be good luck.

Well, Trisha shared that she was pushed to the limit, where she had to let her feelings out by making a video. But, many of the Vlog Squad and David’s fans believe she did that just for attention!

Moreover, though Trisha apologized we are yet to receive any response from David. Also, there are speculations, even if they mend their relationship, Trisha might not be featured in David’s vlogs anymore.

2 thoughts on “Trisha Paytas Tries to Mend Fences with David Dobrik after Comparing Him to Ted Bundy and Calling Him a Horrible Person

  1. Vibrators says:

    Paytas directed most of her anger toward Dobrik,  who’s managed to stay away from the world of streamer drama despite a considerable  level of fame. “David’s on a whole other level of being an actual, horrible person,” Paytas said. She claims that the Dobrik used the Mongeau “joke” to get a reaction out of her that would be good for the vlog. “It hurts me and also disgusts me.” She claims in the video that Nash “tired to kiss Tana in a dressing room after the pair went on a ‘date’ for a vlog. Jason tried to kiss her and she pulled away, with him saying ‘it’s for the video.’” Paytas also mentioned that fellow vlog squad member, Brandon Calvillo, is dating a 17-year-old (Calvillo is 24 years old) and that Dobrik deletes all comments on his videos about the relationship. (Paytas deleted the video hours after posting).

  2. Eden Fantasys says:

    YouTubers Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash have supposedly ended their relationship after David Dobrik s vlog showed footage of Nash joking about having sex with Paytas and another woman. On January 28, Dobrik posted one of his daily 4 minute and 20 second vlogs containing the usual fan interactions and paintball gun shenanigans that have made the 22-year-old one of the most popular content creators on YouTube.


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