Yousef Erakat Called Out For a Boxing Match by Vitaly Zdorovetskiy: Will the Fight Happen?

Yousef Erakat and Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, the two infamously famous YouTubers, might make headlines in 2019 as well.

Yousef a.k.a Fousey Tube has had his share of involvement in drama the past year and the things that went down are still being talked about now. On the other hand, Vitaly shares more or less the similar story.

First, there was a significant beef that went down between Fousey and Vitaly. The mud was being thrown front, back, and center. Major allegations were made by both the parties and the outcome was nothing but ugly.

While all the drama was boiling hot back in March of 2018, Yousef did call out Vitaly for a boxing match. However, since Yousef himself was claiming Vitaly to be on Steroids, the fight wasn’t possible.

Well, now it is 2019 already and the two are yet to settle down their beef officially. But for all you drama lovers, Vitaly is now back at reviving the rift that they had.

Appearing on Logan Paul’s podcast this Friday; Vitaly just cleared the fact that he isn’t on steroids and wants to get down in the ring with Yousef.

Even though it started with Vitaly expressing that he would want to fight Logan after Logan’s rematch with KSI, Yousef came into the scene shortly.

But if you are wondering what’s next, as Yousef has been gone from YouTube for over a few months now; brace yourselves!

As per the revelation made by Logan on Impaulsive, Yousef Erakat has contacted Logan and expressed his desire of wanting to be on the podcast.

That right there is massive news! So, if you want to know whether or not the fight will happen; wait until Yousef answers the question himself.

Hopefully, he won’t back down as he has quite a comeback to make after all the things that went down last in 2018.

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