NFL’s Jalen Hurts Initiates a Possible Move To Transfer from Alabama Crimson Tide

The 20-year-old American football quarterback, Jalen Hurts, who plays for Alabama Crimson Tide has teased the possibility of his transfer. As per the reports, Jalen has got his name entered in the NCAA transfer portal which indeed is making headlines. Entering his name in the portal is the first step that he took towards being eligible to transfer.

Hurts’ will be graduating in December 2019 from Alabama which gives him one year time to make the decision of where he wants to play next.

Jalen is yet to publically talk about his future plans so it will be quick to make assumptions as to where he is likely to transfer.  But, it is certain now that the free agency is on for Jalen. Also, after his graduation; he will be able to immediately transfer and play for other college programs.

Meanwhile, Oklahoma, Miami, and TCU would be highly interested in having Jalen on their team. Hurts, a former SEC Offensive Player for Crimson Tide went 26-2 in his initial two seasons starting as a quarterback and eventually bagged two championship game appearances.

And not to forget, he has a quite impressive stats during those two seasons as the starter. Jalen managed to throw for a combined 4,861 yards with 40 touchdowns and 10 interceptions.

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