Justin Bieber Clears the Air with YouTube Star JoJo Siwa After Passing a Mean Comment at Her Car

Justin Bieber has now stepped up and reached out to JoJo Siwa in an attempt to clarify the negative remarks that he made on JoJo’s car.

For those who don’t know, the 15-year-old YouTube, Nickelodeon star JoJo received a custom-made car as Christmas present from the West Coast Customs. On 23rd December, JoJo shared the snap of the colorful convertible BMW that has her picture printed on it.

The picture was later reposted by West Coast Customs, where Bieber,24, happened to comment “Burn it” three times. JoJo’s fans were quick to react towards Justine mean comment.

People called Justine rude for his gesture, whereas, JoJo’s mom also didn’t hold back and replied to his comment writing “burn your own things.”

After his comment started to gain momentum in the social media world, Justine then came forth with a tweet on Sunday. Via the tweet, he attempted to clarify that he doesn’t have anything against her, rather it was the car and its color that he didn’t like.

JoJo, on the other hand, handled the situation quite well. She replied to Justine’s tweet writing it’s all good, however, she wants him to perform at her birthday party if he wants to settle down the ‘feud.’


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