Logan Paul Says ‘2019 is Going to be Huge.’ What Does he Have in Store for his Fans?

2018, hands down, was the most controversial year for the American YouTuber, actor, and singer, Logan Paul. He began the year committing one of the silliest and unacceptable mistakes of his life by filming a dead body in Japan’s suicide forest and then posting it online for the millions of people to see. The backlash he received for his insensitive action was huge and it impacted him and his thriving career enormously. Many people in the entertainment industry were forced to cut ties with him, and the work that he completed prior to the incident was jeopardized.

But, being the ‘maverick’ that he his, Logan was quick to bounce back after taking a short break to reflect back at his life. Logan then went on to put together the most iconic event in YouTube’s history with his boxing match against another British YouTuber, KSI. Though the fight ended up in a draw, both of them were able to create a big buzz in the media.

Logan aswell found love this year and unfortunately had his heart broken too. After dating Agents of Shield star, Chloe Bennet for few months, Logan parted ways with her in early October.

Adding to the list of things he achieved, Logan Paul came up with his podcast ‘Impaulsive’ this year, which is doing well as of now. Also, it was via his podcast that he revealed about the plans that he has for 2019. As per him, some bigger moves are being made!

He hinted on distancing himself from YouTube to chase some bigger goals. Logan also teased about working on some musical projects for his fans.

Despite facing some serious problems that have impacted his life significantly,  Logan awaits a fresh beginning. Hopefully, he won’t disappoint his fans any further.

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