Saturday Night Live: A Hilarious Oscar Host Auditions Featuring Matt Damon

After Kevin Hart has stepped down as the host for the Oscars, Academy is yet to announce a name for the job.

It has been a frequently asked question now, who will be the host of the 91st Annual Academy Awards.

Taking the matter to themselves, Saturday Night Live made a sketch comedy video called Oscar Host Auditions. SNL has come up with some suggestions and the performances in the video are hilarious and also to the point. Many artists including Matt Damon impersonated the suggested options and show how they would perform as the Oscars Host.

The highlights of the video were Matt Damon as Matthew McConaughey, Pete Davidson as Rami Malek and Kate McKinnon as Ellen DeGeneres. Matt Damon also impersonated Chris Hemsworth at the start of the video before nailing the McConaughey impression.

Matt Damon impersonating McConaughey talked about meeting his future self in a Boston accent sounding exactly like McConaughey.

It was funny when Pete Davidson acting to be Rami Malek said, “Maybe something fun and super high energy…like that. Does that work?”

The show-stealing line came out from Kate McKinnon as Ellen DeGeneres impression when she said, “I haven’t done anything controversial…except for being gay. But people don’t have a problem with that now. Except for the guy who was supposed to host.”

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