Offset Crashes Cardi B’s Rolling Loud Show In An Attempt To Reconcile Her With An Apology And Take Me Back Banner Following Their Shocking Split

Background to the story
  • Cardi B, 26, left unimpressed when her ex, Offset crashed her Rolling Loud Show in LA on Saturday in an attempt to win her back.
  • Offset, one of the trios of Migos issued an apology by displaying take me back card in front of the crowd while Cradi was on the stage.
  • Hours ago the incident, Offset had taken to Instagram to admit that he missed his wife.
  • Cardi and Offset had announced a shocking split earlier this month following cheating claims on Offset.
  • The couple also shares their five-year-old daughter, Kulture.
  • The cheating scandal came into light when a video featuring Offset and a woman named Summer Bruni leaked.

On Saturday night, Cardi B was performing in the Rolling Loud show in LA when her ex-husband, Offset crashed her show to apologize for cheating on her. The 27-year-old rapper also brought a Take Me Back card with him along flowers and asked Cardi to take her back publicly in front of the whole crowd.

The crowd obviously loved the happenings but Cardi wasn’t impressed with the whole act of forgiveness from Offset. Cardi B rather looked stunned when the crew members brought out the sign made of flowers before Offset got on to the stage. The dramatic entry of Migos rapper got him some cheers but some boos too.

Cardi looked furious as she pulled the Money rapper back when he tried to get hold of her hands. After the Instagram apology, it is the second time when Offset asked for her forgiveness.

The crashing of the show somehow is not a new thing for Offset as he had proposed Cardi in the similar fashion on the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

Offset on the stage said:

 ‘I just wanna tell you I’m sorry. In person, in front of the world. Whatever I gotta do to show you I love you.’

Here is the video of the how Offset crashed the Cardi B show:

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