Jake Paul’s Next Boxing Match Could be Bigger than KSI Vs Logan’s Rematch; if the One Who He Has Called Out Will be Down for it.

For someone who is well aware of Jake Paul, the famous American YouTube Personality, you all know drama has been an integral part of his life. Be it the beef that he and his brother Logan Paul had, or his brawl with KSI’s brother Deji, Jake Paul knows how to make money out of such situations.

However, Jake has something bigger planned this time around! After winning the boxing match with Deji this August, Jake was in search of a better opponent to fight next. He called few famous people including Chris Brown and Dillon Danis, Conner McGregor’s teammate a while ago.

But Jake, being the OG in the YouTube game; he knows how to take things up a notch. Jake is ready to settle down one of the most dramatic beef that has ever existed in his life. He has called out his ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet’s boyfriend, Faze Banks!

There have been multiple instances in the past where the two fought back and forth throwing shade at one another via YouTube videos and other social media platforms. But, watching them throw some punches in a boxing match would be a delight to both their fans.

Jake in his video today, called out Banks and also hinted that they have been exchanging few texts here and there. Banks,¬†on the other hand, was quick to tweet out asking for his fans’ opinion on the fight.

Jake definitely¬†has an advantage since he has been training for around a year now, but we can’t underestimate Banks, who once broke his fingers throwing a punch at a stranger who hit his girlfriend, Alissa.

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